Flight Simulator in Singapore

The flight Simulator in Singapore is as good as flying a commercial airplane. The Flight Experience flight simulator is based on the Boeing 737NG. Get ready to take to the skies in this thrilling simulator that gives you life like images and controls. A flight can last from anything between 30 minutes to 90 minutes. And if you frequent the place often enough, you can rack up some frequent flyers miles and get discounts.

flight simulator

Whether it’s your first time on the flight deck, or you’re an experienced simulator pilot, the packages can be tailored to suit the level of knowledge and experience you have. You can perfect your skills with a series of take-offs and landings, or perhaps a sector flight from one city to another. For the experienced aviator, you can try a challenging approach or landing in bad weather! Whatever your choice, you’ll be exhilarated by the thrill of flying a modern jet aircraft over some spectacular sights.

Start your flying session by making a selection of which airport you would like to land and take off in, you will find the runways identical to the existing ones. It is only a matter of choice, of which you will be spoilt for it. Your instructor will give you a full debriefing to ensure that you are ready to fly the plane.

Be strapped in to the captain’s seat, enjoy an original replica of the cockpit, that a similar version is used for training of commercial pilots. Ensuring a life like experience, you can’t take off without permission from Air Traffic Control. Take in the stunning scenery, watching out for oncoming traffic, maintain your altitude and speed and get ready to cruise the skies.

The recommended minimum age for the flight simulator is 10 and there is no maximum age. You can also bring your friend along with you. There is seating for two extra people to join you for your flight. There is no extra charge for this.

Flight Package starting from $175 for a 30 minutes flight.

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