Jurong Reptile Park

Just across the road from the Jurong Bird Park is this park crawling with thousands of crocodiles kept in a variety of habitats. Unique viewing opportunities include an underwater observation gallery and the Cavern of Darkness, where you can observe the crocs in a simulated nighttime environment complete with the sounds of an Asian tropical jungle.

You can feed the crocodiles, watch muscle-bound showmen wrestle with them, or buy crocodile-skin products at the shop. You can also watch the beasts through glass, in an underwater viewing gallery. But there's more: king cobra snakes, iguana lizards, colorful chameleons, and giant tortoises, for example, more than 50 species in all.

A seafood restaurant and fast-food outlets provide refreshments, and there are rides for children.

241 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Singapore


Entrance fees:

Opening hours
9.00am to 6.00pm daily