Hausmann Marketing Aquarium

Hausmann Marketing Aquarium has many small ponds build with concrete wall or fibre tanks and a big mug pond. There are aquarium fish, koi and fish commonly found in market. There is also a children playground for kids to run about and feeding koi. Kids can also experience kampung life and enjoy 'longkang fishing' (fishing from a drain). You can do fishing and buy some seafoods for dinner as well.

There is a Koi feeding pond and a tortoise feeding pond in the farm for you to enjoy the pleasure of hand feeding these lovely fishes. Simply throw in the feed in watch them rushing towards the feed. You may even want to try hand feeding the koi fishes, by just clutching the feed in your palm and feel how the kois suckles the feeds away from you.

Feel like fishing for Yabbie or Freshwater Prawn? they have a pond for each so that you can target the species you prefer.

Charges are : $15.00 for 1hour Free 1 hour for every 2 hours purchase upfront.

Hausmann Marketing Aquarium is open to public, they also conduct educational tours for child care centres, kindergartens, schools and even for your company’s family day outing. During the farm tour, visitors will get to understand more on the exotic fishes they have in the farm and gain knowledge on the techniques of rearing these exotic fishes. Farm tours only applicable to groups of over 30 pax participating in the Children’s LongKang Fishing and subjected to slots availability.

Hausmann Marketing Aquarium
113, Neo Tiew Crescent (besides Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve)

Opening hours:
10am to 7pm Daily

free admission, tours $2-$5/person depending on length of tour

6792 3695