The Helix Bridge

The world's first double helix curved bridge in Marina Bay - The Helix Bridge.

The steel tubes form the minor and major helix that spiral in opposite directions held together by a series of connecting struts, symbolising “life and continuity”, “renewal”, “everlasting abundance” and “growth”, and resembles the structure of DNA. Inspired by the yin and yang concept in Asian culture, the architecturally unique bridge is said to bring wealth, happiness and prosperity to Marina Bay.

It will probably take less than five minutes to walk the entire length of the bridge. While doing so, one will be able to admire the city skyline and the entire structure of the bridge.

When the lights come on at night, The Helix Bridge will take on a different look. The lighting feature can be programmed to create various moods for different celebrations.

You can catch a panoramic view of the Singapore skyline and watch events taking place at the Bay from one of its five viewing platforms sited at strategic locations. Fritted-glass and steel glass canopies providing shade and seats are also available at resting points. View paintings and drawings by youths along this crossing, or enhance your bridge crossing experience at night with lights that illuminate the steel structure to create different moods. For a memorable experience, be sure to visit this engineering marvel situated in the heart of the city.

Linking between Marina Bay and Marina Centre.