Singapore Science Centre

There are more than 850 exhibits in the various exhibition galleries. A visitor spending 5 minutes on each exhibit would require about 7 days to see all of them. If you attempt to view all the exhibits in one visit, there is a great possibility of not gaining much from the visit. It is better for you to concentrate on a portion of the Centre's exhibits during each visit.

Apart from the main exhibition galleries, the Omni-Theatre is also one of the central attractions of the Science Centre Singapore.It features a massive hemispheric screen, 23m in diameter and 16m in height (or 5-storey high) which stretches 180o horizontal from wall to wall and is tilted at a 30o angle to the horizon. Together with 72 amplifiers, which produce 20,000 watts of surround sound, audiences are transported right into the action. A thrilling cinematic experience awaits.

The Omni-Theatre also houses an 18-seat Virtual Voyages simulation theatre, in which visitors can visually and physically experience scientific phenomena during a four-minute adventure story.

15 Science Centre Road
Singapore 609081

(65) 6425 2500

Opening Hours:
10.00am to 6.00pm (Singapore Science Centre)
Closed on Mondays except school and public holidays

10.00am to 8.00pm (Omni-Theatre)
Closed on Mondays except school and public holidays