Asian Civilisations Museum

The museum by the river, ACM is a microcosm of Asian civilisations presented in an exciting way for today's museum visitors. Experience the story of Asia through galleries on the cultures of Southeast Asia, China, West Asia and South Asia. Not to be missed is the Singapore River Gallery which tells the moving story of immigrants who once lived and worked along the Singapore River.

Current Exhibitions

Many Traditions, One Strand – Textiles of the ASEAN Countries
Experience the diversity of Asia through textiles from the ASEAN member countries.
18 Nov 2007 - Jun 2008

Viet Nam! From Myth To Modernity
Experience the rich legacy of Vietnam's unique cultural identity.
21 May 2008 - 30 Sep 2008

Opening hours
Mon: 1pm- 7pm
Tue-Sun: 9am-7pm (to 9pm on Friday)